UPR Biology

David L. Bruck

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Ph.D., North Carolina State, 1965.


Department of Biology, U.P.R.-Río Piedras, P.R. Phone (787)764-0000 ext.2523, dlbruck@juno.com

Field of Interest:

Evolution and Ecology of Caribbean Drosophila, primarily the dunni subgroup..

Our research is on the evolutionary genetics and ecology of Caribbean Drosophila, with emphasis on the dunni subgroup. The species in this subgroup form a completely disjunct complex where isolation is largely thru males sterility and where hybrids can be formed in the laboratory between most species pairs, allowing traditional genetic analyses of species differences. Our primary goal is to use this unique resource to test current theories of population differentiation speciatilicization sexual selection and insect dispersal in the Caribbean.

Specific project are concerned with the anlyses and genetics of reproductive isolating mechanisms, especial sexual isolation, reproductive morphology including the development of giant sperm, karyotype and chromosomal inversion analysis, isozyme analyses as they related to population structure, larval niche, food hiche and dispersal.

Major Equipment and Facilities Used: Small field collection area separate from ain laboratory room and Drosophila stocks of Caribbean origin; incubators and regrigerators, various dissecting and compound microscopes with camera attachments, starch gel electrophoresis equipment, EMEC pentium processor plot computer with the cability to run Sigma Scan, Sigma and scanner and most statistical analyses plus two other computers sufficient for some statistical analyses and word processing.

Selected Publications:

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