UPR Biology

Delia I Lugo

Assistant Professor

Ph.D., Columbia University, N. Y., 1990

Phone: (787)764-0000x 7480

E-mail: dlugo @upracd.upr.clu.edu

Fax: (787) 764-3875


Field of Interest: Developmental Molecular Neurobiology.

The main thrust of my laboratory is the study of the molecular mechanisms underlying the process of cell differentiation. Two models of cell differentiation are being used:

  1. the cerebral cortex
  2. the pituitary gland. Isolation of new members of various families of transcription factors is been pursued and the analysis of their expression, regulation, function and possible target genes are investigated.

Latest Research Project:

Major Equipment and Facilities Used: Automatic DNA Sequencer, Thermocycler, cryostat, fluorescence/polarized light/darkfield microscope, tissue culture facilities, laboratory animal facilities, dissecting microscope, various types of centrifuges (ultra, refrigerated, micro), bacterial incubators and others.

Selected Publications:

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