UPR Biology

Sharon File-Emperador

Associate Professor

Ph.D., Tulane University, 1971. New Orleans, La 1969-1971

Phone: (787) 764-0000 ext. 3090

E-mail: sfile@upracd.upr.clu.edu

Fax: (787) 764-3875

Fields of interests: Parasite Biology. Electromicroscopy studies

Biology of host parasite relationships: Esp. Schistosoma mansoni in its vertebrate host, I am interested in the normal biology of the egg and its escape from host vasculature. Biology of the larval parasite in the snail intermediate host and in the normal responses of the snail to the invasion of the parasite invertebrate immunology. All types of host parasite relationships at the ultrastructural level. All types of host parasite relationships in primates.

Selected Publications: