UPR Biology

José E. García-Arrarás


Ph.D., Harvard University, 1981.

Phone: (787)764-0000 ext.2596

E-mail: jegarcia@upracd.upr.clu.edu

Fax: (787) 764-3875

Field of Interest: Development of the Peripheral Nervous System; Neuropeptides and Neurotransmiters. Regeneration of the Nervous System.

Studies to understand the development of neuropeptide and neurotransmitter containing cells from embryogenesis to adulthood. The appearance and development of neuroactive substances in the peripheral nervous system of avian species is studied using radioimmunoanalysis and immunocytochemistry. In vitro systems of embryonic ganglia and of their precursors are used to study the various factors that affect the expression of the neuroactive substances. Invertebrate models are used to study the regeneration of the nervous system. Holothurians, or sea cucumbers, are used to study nerve cell and fiber regeneration. Molecular studies using PCR and cDNA libraries are used to characterize the genes involved in regeneration mechanisms.

Latest Research Projects:

Major Equipment and Facilities Used: Radioisotope room: gamma counter, refrigerated centrifuge, explosion proof hood. Cell culture room: incubators, sterile flow hood, dissection microscope. Immunocytochemistry: fluorescence microscope, microtome, cryostat. Monoclonal antibody facility. HPLC electrochemical detector.

Selected Publications:

Medina-Ortiz, W. and J.E. García-Arrarás. Differential regulation of NPY mRNA expression in embryonic sympathetic and chromoffin cultures by NGF. Dev. Brain Res. In Press.

Méndez, A. T., J. L. Roig-López, P. Santiago, C. Santiago J. E. García-Arrarás. Identification of Hox gene sequences in the sea cucumber Holothuria glaberrima Selenka (Holothuria:Echinodermata). Marine Biotech. In Press.

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