UPR Biology

Mitchell Aide  

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Associate Professor

Ph.D. University of Utah, 1989

Phone: (787) 764-0000 ext. 2580 or 4855

E-mail: maide@upracd.upr.clu.edu

Fax: (787) 764-2610

Field of Interest: Tropical plant ecology biogeography, conservation, molecular evolution, plant/herbivore interactions, plant phenology, population genetics, restoration ecology.

My research has focused on various aspects of tropical plant ecology in Panamá and Colombia and I am presently beginning two related projects in Puerto Rico. Much of my research has been on plant-herbivore interactions and, during the summer of 1992, I will begin a project that will compare community-wide levels of herbivore damage in rain forest of Puerto Rico and on the mainland. In the laboratory, I am using molecular techniques to determine levels of diversity and relationship between populations of tropical trees. Another area of research is the restoration of tropical forest following destruction. This research has forced us to consider many aspects of the community, from soil microbes to seed predators to patterns of forest succession.

The laboratory is equipped for research in population genetics to landscape ecology. Thermocyclers and an image capturing system are available for the analysis of molecular markers using RAPD technique. For research at the landscape scale, the laboratory is equipped with three pentium computers, a digitizing board, a scanner, a stereoscope, and ARCINFO and IDRIS software.

Selected Publications:

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Aide, T. M., J. K. Zimmerman, M. Rosario, and H. Marcano. 1996. Forest recovery in abandoned cattle pastures along an elevational gradient in northeastern Puerto Rico. Biotropica 18:537-548.


Aide, T. M., and P. Angulo. 1997. The effect of dry season irrigation on leaf phenology and the implications for herbivory in a tropical understory

community. Caribbean Journal of Science 33:142-147.


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Aide, T. M. and E. Rivera. 1998. Geographic patterns of genetic diversity in Poulsenia armata (Moraceae): implications for the theory of Pleistocene refugia and the importance of riparian forest. Journal of

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Lopez, Tania del Mar, T. M. Aide, and F. N. Scatena. 1998. The effect of land use on soil erosion in the Guadiana watershed in Puerto Rico. Caribbean Journal of Science 34:198-307.